Over the years I have done a number of commissions, varied both in terms of content and media. I love commissions because they cause me to stretch out of my comfort zone and to sometimes go into previously untested areas that open my eyes to new interests and abilities. I have lately done a huge mural on a 9' x 12' wall of Mesa Verde Indian ruins. It was so educational researching the subject and I recognized my ability to focus so completely for hours at a time. I am presently doing ceramic tile painting. The theme is tropical so I am doing a number of separate 24" x 24" paintings that will be grouted in on outside walls. Generally I do watercolors and acrylic paintings, from underwater sea life to large animals and florals. My interest is varied and I really like to do new, fresh subjects.

With a commission I like to have a conversation about at least the general subject. If there are pictures, or source materials I would have them faxed or mailed to me. Every commission is different, and that's the beauty of the process. We'd discuss the size, the style or feeling the client is looking for. We'd discuss colors and application. Price is always a consideration and we'd work on that while working on ideas. I truly want to get a sense of the purpose of the piece, the setting it will be viewed in and the appeal of the subject to begin with. Art is such a personal thing and tastes vary. Mood and color and form come together to suit each individual. My approach is to make the match work.